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Annelie Franke
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Annelie Franke is a designer and photographer; she was born in 1976 in Lauchhammer, Germany. Between 1997 and 2001 she studied Communication Design at the University Rhein Main Wiesbaden, and between 2001 and 2004 Visual Communication Design at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her graduation project — Master of Arts (MA) — in design was an interactive installation titled Nicht Nichts (No Nothing). An examination of the common things outside of everyday life.

She has received awards from Olympus, Polaroid and from the Organization of German Designers (DDC). Her work has been published in German and Colombian magazines such as Computer Foto, Wörkshop, Photographie, Profifoto, La Revista and Cromos. She worked as a designer at Nokia User Interface, in german design agencies such as Töchter & Söhne (Sons and Daughters) and Heine/Lenz/Zizka Projects, and as a freelance designer for several projects and media companies in Germany and in Colombia. In 2000 she began working as a teacher in the field of design and photography for various educational institutions in Germany.

Since 2006 she has been teaching digital photography, experimental typography and information design at the Department of Design at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá. Additionally, she works as a freelance designer and photographer in various projects in both countries.

She has given conferences on topics of photography and design at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, at the Wannseeforum Berlin, the National University of Colombia, the University of Los Andes in Bogotá and the International Image Festival in Manizales.

Her works have been exhibited in Berlin, Hannover and Bogotá. Her artistic work emphasizes the importance of the small things in life. Using various media such as photography, illustration and design, she turns the usually unnoticed and common into the principal actors of her work and rises the obviously ugly to the naturally beautiful.



August 2006 - current
Professor for Design and Photography, Department of Design at the University of Los Andes,
Bogotá, Colombia,

Freelance Photographer for the magazine CROMOS and La Revista in Bogotá
Freelance Designer for several Institutions in Colombia and Germany

January - December 2006
Art Director for gate5 Nokia Group, Berlin, Germany

March - June 2005
Art Director for Heine/Lenz/Zizka Projects Ltd., Frankfurt & Berlin, Germany

Art Director for the communications agency Töchter und Söhne, Berlin, Germany

Freelance designer for various projects and media companies in Berlin, Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany.

Assistant professor for workshops in the areas of multimedia and photography in Berlin, Cologne, Weimar and Schwerin, Germany.

May 2004
Degree project Master of Arts (MA) Nicht Nichts (No Nothing). An Examination of the Common Things Outside of Everyday Life. University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste), Berlin, Germany

Designer in Visual Digital Communication at the University of the Arts (Hochschule der Künste)
with Professor Joachim Sauter, Berlin, Germany.

Communication design at the University of Applied Science Wiesbaden, Germany.



October 2004
Lili - Honorary mention in the design award of the University of Arts (udk); participated in the exhibition Designtransfer, Berlin, Germany.

April 2002
The body is a work of art. Olympus contest. 2nd prize with the photographic series In a Different Light. Exhibition: CeBIT 2002. Published in the journal Computer Foto (5/2002 vol.), Photographie (5/2002 vol.) and Wörkshop (07/2002 vol.), Berlin and Hannover, Germany.

DDC 2002 finalist, Book 36 Augen sehen ... (36 Eyes that See...), Berlin, Germany.

January 2001
Pictorial study. Mensch und Industrie (Humans and Industry). 1st. Prize for the best project.
Industriepark Kalle Albert, Wiesbaden, Germany.

October 2000
Video Total 2000. Award for best animation Poème de l'amour in the International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Berlin, Germany.
January 2000
13 Student Photo Contest Creative Polaroid. 5th place for the series of nude submarines Wasserwandler ein Tiefenrausch (Wandering in Waters. An Ecstasy in the Depth) published in Profifoto (Vol. 3/2000), Berlin, Germany.

December 1999
Youth and Video'99. Prize for the best CD Rom Wenn ich hören sehe... (When I See Listening ...) at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Kiel, Germany.


May 2014
A Hymn to the Ugly. Solo exhibition, Bogotá Platform: Interactive Laboratory of Art, Science and Technology Gilberto Alzate Avendano Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2012
The Courage to Confess. Solo exhibition. A Seis Manos Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2008
Still Life with Mirror and Orange. Collective exhibition, University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

October 2005
ItXnetz Connect. Collective exhibition, Berlin, Germany.

October 2004
No Nothing. An Examination of the Common Things Outside of Everyday Life.
Collective exhibition. Lili Design Award, University of the Arts (udk), Berlin, Germany.

May 2003
The Berlin Flag Update 2003. Designmai Berlin. Collective exhibition. City Hall, Berlin, Germany.

April 2002
Olympus Competition The Body is a Work of Art. Collective exhibition CeBIT, Hannover, Germany.



May 2014
The Beautiful Appearance of the Ugly and the Ugly Appearance of Beauty, Plataforma Bogotá: Interactive Laboratory of Art, Science and Technology, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia.

October 2012
The Beauty of Data, under Wednesday Talks of the School of Architecture and Design,
University of Los Andes Bogotá, Colombia.

May 2012
The Beautiful Appearance of the Ugly and the Ugly Appearance of Beauty. Museum of Architecture Leopoldo Rother. Specialization in Photography National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

April 2011
The Paradox of Ugliness. International Festival of the Image, Manizales, Colombia.

November 2008 to April 2009
Really Real? Lying With the Medium of Photography. University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2007
Creativity. The Presence of Design, University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2003
360°. Quicktime and Quicktime VR.KJF Academy, Berlin, Germany.

August 2002
Webdesign und Usability (Web Design and Usability.) KJF Academy, Berlin, Germany.

June 2001
Interaktivität und die Erstellung einer CD-Rom (The Interactivity and the Creation of a CD-Rom.)
KJF Academy, Berlin, Germany.

August 2000
Der visuelle Klang (Visual Sound), International Association for the Poly-aesthetic Education. Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria.