The students of the Typography and Experimental Typography class of the Design Department of the Universidad DE LOS ANDES allied ourselves with TirandoxColombia, Durex and Rappi to raise awareness about the problem of teenage pregnancy in Colombia. This is why we made a gigantic typographic intervention to make noise in front of the taboo that exists when talking about sex and show that the best contraceptive is to talk about sex without shame.
To achieve the greatest possible attention, we used 3200 bananas, 4000 meters of tape and 2000 condoms to carry out the typographic intervention in one of the most emblematic places in Bogotá: La Plaza de Bolívar.
This public campaign was the result of good organized teamwork. Each team had a Teamleader and different tasks and responsibilities such as Design, Logistics, Publicity, Interviews, Content, Photography, Video, Editing etc. However, in the elaboration stage of the typographic intervention, all teams came together as one team that realized the gigantic phrase “It is not TABOO it is sex”.​​​​​​​
The success of the campaign was possible thanks to the more than forty people among students, teachers and monitors of the Typography and Experimental Typography classes at the Universidad de los Andes, who joined us for eight weeks to plan, design and assemble the typographic installation. Without the support of TXC, DUREX and Rappi this would not have been possible, as we need more people who are willing to bet on taking the condom out of their mouths and talk about sex without shame, to prevent many teenage pregnancies and give more opportunities to young people of our country.

When it was time to do the intervention, all the design groups got together to participate in the TIRATÓN and talk to everyone who passed by the plaza about safe and pleasant sex. We even had media coverage with the Citytv television channel to reach more people and encourage our young people to always be prepared. Before and during the activity, several posts were published on social networks by the members to reach as many people as possible and to be part of the activity.
After more than 10 hours of hard work in the assembly and a very good behavior by passers-by in the Plaza de Bolívar in respecting our workspace, at 4 pm the final assembly of what was the interactive intervention was completed that involved everyone who was passing through the plaza. The end result was the words "It's not TABOO", using bananas and condoms, and the phrase "it's sex" made with yellow tape. The activity consisted in that when the signal was given, everyone who was passing through the Plaza de Bolívar and wanted to eat a banana or have a free condom, freely grab all the bananas and condoms they wanted, to literally eat the TABOO ( when the phrase “It is not TABOO” disappears) and the words “it is sex” are only left as an analogy that one must lose the taboo on sex and see it simply as something natural and pleasant. At the end of the day there were laughs, people playing, a lot of joy, but above all awareness about the problem of teenage pregnancy
After the intervention
After the intervention was successful and people “ate the taboo”, it was very important that what happened that day in the plaza and the message we were trying to convey could reach a high degree of virality, so posts were made in Social networks related to the Rappi campaign with Durex, which consists in that for each condom purchased by the application, one is donated to someone who needs it.
Professors ​​​​​​​
Annelie Franke & Roxana Martínez

Student Assistents
Mariana Cano & Carlos Arcila

Gisseth González, Alicia Núñez , Alejandra Beltrán , Maria Camila Valencia, María Camila Neira, Maria Pazos , Natalia Gómez, Laura La Rotta, Gabriela Mayorga , Jorge Mendoza, Camilo Soriano, Luna Bautista, Sara Ávila, Daniel Varela, Maria Paula Bernal, Caroll Gabriela Guauta, Audrey Merchan, Sabina Pareja, Nicholle Torres, Sebastian Piñeros, Juliana Botero, David Díaz Díaz , Isabella lópez, Felipe Fierro, Santiago Gómez Meza, Laura Iles, Valentina Acosta Perdomo, Ana Bejarano, Martin Garces, Valentina Flórez Mora, Juan Camilo Moreno, Kelly Llanos, Alejandra Monroy, Maria Fernanda Zafra, Mariana lozano, Rocio Borré, Manuela Espinosa

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