On November 6, 2019 the Universidad de los Andes held the #DíaPaíz day, in which the reflection on peace and country building is fostered. Over the course of half a day all university classes are replaced by various activities organized by the entire Uniandina community. This contributes to the national dialogue and generates collective proposals to promote the achievement of sustainable peace in Colombia.
Our proposal was to invite the community to hold 680 balloons with lights inside of them to form the expression TOGETHER & SCRAMBLED. These words were derived from a common Colombian expression TOGETHER, BUT NOT SCRAMBLED, which emphasizes that in some groups there is no inherent link with the other. By rephrasing the expression we questioned and highlighted the division of the country through the arrival of millions of Venezuelans in the last 3 years, which became the largest migration in the history of Colombia.
Team . Annelie Franke, Andres Amaya, Santiago de Francisco, Carlos Ardila and Mariana Cano.
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