In the era of digital photography, and the permanent availability of this medium, people take many circumstantial photos with little reason. These are often accidental images that do not survive even in the short term. This phase of the project thus concentrates on the No moments, that is, what is considered an error or a photographic accident and is therefore discarded.

In order to collect photographic material for the exhibition, I did an excavation within personal files to rescue what was once called imperfect and I invited some close people to share those unpublished images that came to life when exposed. I looked for accidental shots that spontaneously showed the photographed objective, that dodged, broke and put in check the classic rules of good photography.

From a total of 1,500 photographs, 130 were selected to be exhibited with the intention of visually returning them to our lives, making them part of our daily imaginary and the way we recognize ourselves in and through them. 
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