Visual Mood
The Admissions and Registration Office is the portal to the Universidad de los Andes. For this reason, it should show competence, confidence and attention. These pieces of communication must be clear and visible so that the information is transmitted effectively and memorized immediately. At the same time it has to communicate joy and optimism towards a successful future.
Patterns and Colors
The use of patterns in one or two colors helps to increase the visibility of the communication pieces. In addition, it offers the possibility of adapting them to the contents in an easy way, generating a flexible, fresh and generative appearance.
Physical installations
Physical installations should have the same recognition value as communication pieces. The use of the color yellow on walls and office accessories, as well as notices with large typefaces, enable the recognition of the facilities of the Admissions and Registration Office and the connection between applicants and students with the University.
Promotional items
Promotional items should be visible, practical, and fresh in their tone of voice. They must use large typography and their sentences must be sincere, handy and contain good use of humor. This facilitates the connection of the applicants with the University from their first contact and increases their usefulness and longevity after the events.

Annelie Franke 
Hernando Barragán
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